Academic ID

Incoming students of the Department can obtain an Academic ID which offers, among other things, the possibility of using a reduced ticket on public transportation, free admission in  museums, archaeological sites, etc.

For more information (only available in Greek) and online application visit:

Health Care

At the Alexandrian Campus of Sindos, IHU, there is a Clinic located opposite the Administration building. Students in need of first aid and health care can visit it Mon – Fri, 7:30-15:30.

Additionally, a voluntary blood donation is organized and takes place at the clinic twice a year where all incoming students are welcome and encouraged to participate.

For more Information contact:

Konstantina Giovanoudi, Nurse, Head of Department of Care and Social Welfare of IHU
(Alexandrian Campus of IHU)
Sindos, Thessaloniki
Telephone: +30 2310013665

Health Insurance

All incoming Erasmus students either for a study exchange period or for a practical training must be insured by their home institutions for the whole duration of their exchange period.

All Incoming students from EU countries are required to obtain a European Health Insurance Card. More information and advice is available here:

 Especially for the practical training, according to EU legislation, all students must be additionally insured with a Liability & Accident Insurance. For any further information or clarification regarding insurance issues contact the International Relations Office of your home institution or the International Relations Office of IHU.

Student Restaurant

In the main building of the campus of Sindos, there is a student restaurant which provides meals to the students according to the following program:

Monday to Friday


Saturday and Sunday


For those who wish, meals are also served in a restaurant located in the center of Thessaloniki (address: A. Serafeim 4) according to the following program:



Daily cost for all meals per student: 4 euros