Condolence announcement for the loss of Emeritus Professor Valentini Moniarou Papaconstantinou

The Department of Library Science, Archives and Information Systems of the International Hellenic University was informed, with great regret, the unexpected loss of Emeritus Professor Dr.ValentiniMoniarouPapaconstantinou.

Dr.ValentiniMoniarouPapaconstantinouon many occasions collaborated with professors of the Department in the context of scientific projects and publications. She was a person of exceptional morals, courtesy, with a spirit of cooperation and contribution to the Library and Information Science scholarly community which she consistently served throughout the years with a wealth of acclaimed writing.

The Department expresses its deepest condolences to the family and relatives.

Short CV

ValentiniMoniarou – Papaconstantinou is an Emeritus professor at the departmentof Library Science and Information Systems of the Technological EducationalInstitute of Athens now Department of Archival, Library and Information Studies,University of West Attica, Athens, Greece. She was teaching informationorganizations management and collection management and had given lectures onthese topics in courses organized by various organizations in Greece. Her researchinterests include a theorization of changes in the information field and informationservices management, LIS students, educational choices and their learning careers,as well as the understanding of information technology acceptance by LIS students.She served as a member of various Working Groups of the YPEPTH,  EEBEP and TEI-Athens, working on updating study programs, on researching Library trends and on promoting collaboration with international universities and institutions.She has given talks and presentations at several international conferences and herresearch publications have appeared in international journals such as Education forInformation, Aslib Journal of Information Management, Library and InformationScience Research, New Library World, Library Management, Program, LibraryReview and Journal of Librarianship and Information Science.